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The work was scheduled for a Thursday, two weeks in advance; of course that week it rained most afternoons. I was expecting a phone call to reschedule but as it turned out the crew had the job completed before the rain started that day. Stripping two layers of shingles, underlayment, ice and water dam & gutters. The chimney had to wait until the weekend when it was dry. These guys are great!!!! I would use them again without hesitation.

Thank You,

Gary VanGyzen

Risk Free Home Improvement stripped off three courses of old shingles, and replaced my roof. In addition to the roof replacement, I had an area in the back of my house, where Risk Free solved a problem I had been looking to solve for years. They built out an area of the roof, where there had previously been an old awning. The end result is so impressive. The team of 8 guys from Risk Free Home Improvement arrived at my home, promptly at 7a.m. They immediately moved into action. It was so impressive to watch them work together, in the way they did. The entire landscape around my home, was protected by multiple tarps…and they went to work. The roof was completed by 3:30 that same day. After the roof was completed the entire team cleaned up my property in a way that was better than a thorough spring clean up. There were no nails, shingles or anything else found anywhere. I would highly recommend this company. Awesome Job!

Jen Brown

They did exactly what they said they were going to do. They were very courteous and very polite. They did a good job. Thank You!

Elizabeth Narrow

Removed old roof and replaced it with new underlayment, flashing, drip edge and new shingles. Did extensive repair to damaged flashing. Installed new ridge vent. The price was higher than other estimates we received, but the roof came with a lifetime, transferable warranty. The crew arrived promptly and set to work immediately. The crew were all very professional and courteous. Except for a small section of flashing, the work was completed in one day. The flashing was finished the next day.

Thank You,

Kathryn Mashburn

Arrived at 7a..m. Began work immediately. Provided tarps for protection to property. Work was performed without delay, efficiently, and professionally. Workers were well organized and attentive to detail. All work was completed on the same day. Cleanup was performed to our satisfaction, leaving no remnants in the yard whatsoever. Upon opening the front door a small hole was discovered in the screen. The company wasted no time in offering to repair or provide the funds to do so; and they immediately followed through on this. I referred them to put my son’s roof on also.

Thank You,

Louise Borden

Thank You for the wonderful work and great customer service. We would be pleased to recommend your services.

Wendi DeClerq

First I want to thank you and your company for an excellent experience with Risk Free Home Improvement. The work crew was professional and fun to work with. I would like to mention Chris in particular, what a good man to have working for you! Thank you for a very positive experience and please use me for any recommendation that a prospective client may ask for. I am very happy with the quality of work your company provided!

Best Regards,

Tom Owens

As a single woman I was petrified to begin the process of hiring a roofer. I cannot thank you enough for putting ALL of my fears and concerns at ease! The fact that you did not request any money until 100% job completion was such a relief. You may have been slightly more expensive then my other estimates but it was worth every penny! In this day and age to find a contractor that you can trust was a breath of fresh air.

Thank You,

Danielle Gervais

Called Risk Free Home Improvement and 3 other companies for different quotes, Risk Free wasn’t the cheapest but much better quality of product which balanced it out I felt. Risk Free Home Improvement and one other company responded quickly and on time and gave a very prof. quote. Sean, our salesman, very friendly and came as soon as he could everytime, even during a storm. The Crew showed up on time at 7:00am sharp as was stated and accepted by me. 10 guys to do the job wow. But all did their job quickly and clean. Raked my yard spotless when done. Our roof is about 2016 sq feet and our chimney is a pretty large one. Weather delayed the chimney but was done quickly and effeciently, the roof was started at 7:15am, and was done at 1:30pm that same day, everything clean up, gutters everthing.

Thanks Again,

James MacPhee

Fix a roof that had been leaking for several years. It was where the garage roof met the main house. They would remove all roofing shingles in that area, remove house siding, put water and ice up the wall of the house and on the whole area closest to house, put deck armor on the rest of the roof, new step flashing, re-shingle and put ridge vent on. Risk Free Home Improvement, Kevin, listened to my leaking problems. My roof had been leaking for several years and I had others out to try and repair it, all failed except Risk Free Home Improvement. For the first times in years my roof does not leak! The quote was for $3800 to fix my roof in about 4 hours. One of the items that they missed was that I did tell them I have cedar shingles under my vinyl siding. They arrived earlier than originally planned. It actually took them 2 days to finish the repair to my satisfaction. It took them longer based on the cedar shingles. It was a tough job to remove them to get to the house and apply the ice and water. Even though there was a mix up on the cedar, they stuck to their original price. They made sure I was happy and satisfied. They were professional at all times.

All the Best,

Theresa McNulty